Why Knox Bridge Private School?

  • Individual Attention

    We have small class sizes, a range of 5-10 students per class. With this kind of low student to teacher ratios, a teacher can give each student the individual attention that they deserve. Because our class sizes are small, students cannot hide in the back of the class. If they don’t understand any concept, the teacher will discover it quickly. They can address that learning issue on the spot, rather than waiting weeks or months to fix it.

  • Parental Involvement

    We expect parents to be actively involved in their child’s education. The concept of a three-way partnership is an important part of the way we work. Students get more support from every angle, helping them sharpen their mind and achieve their goals.

  • Academic Issues

    At Knox Bridge School we use a teacher-guided approach to learning so that students discover that learning is exciting and full of possibilities. We do not teach to a test. We teach to make your child think, as opposed to teaching them what to think. That’s an important concept to understand. Students enjoy the atmosphere they are taught in and end up having much more knowledgeable in the subject they enroll at Knox Bridge, as opposed to what they would have learned at their home school. Our Summer school crash courses are designed to exceed the Ontario curriculum. Students generally go through the curriculum in the summer camp in a very friendly atmosphere, and they are way ahead of their regular class when schools start.

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